2020 Solutions From Xquizit

2020 has brought lots of challenges. One of those is the restriction of domestic travel options, and the higher cost of flying. Out of a challenge is born an opportunity, and Xquizit Limousines and Tours is all about creating solutions.

While Xquizit Limousines and Tours has always provided transfers, demand is suddenly increasing. As flight options are fewer, and costs are higher, people are discovering that a transfer by luxury mini coach, or corporate sedan is an efficient and affordable option. Often it can even be a quicker option as well. Door to door pick up and delivery means no hanging around airports, arriving early for check in, or potential delays with rescheduling.

Luxury interior for ultimate comfort.

And then, of course, there’s the comfort and luxury of the journey. The vehicles are exquisitely presented, air conditioned, and with individual seats designed for maximum passenger enjoyment. So you can sit back and enjoy the views as your chauffeur driver takes care of the rest.

Whether you’re travelling for business, or with your family or small group, Xquizit has an option to suit your needs. If you happen to have a lot of luggage don’t worry, as their large capacity luggage trailer can accommodate it all.

Xquizit’s pricing structure is simple. Just let them know what you need, and they’ll give you a personalised quote.

There’s no need to put off your New Zealand travel plans. Contact Xquizit today to make it happen.

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